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                  PSE JAPAN

                  日期:2023-04-10 13:12:40

                  Japan’s DENTORL Law (Electrical Device and Material Control Law) stipulates that 498 products must pass safety certification to enter the Japanese market. Among them, 165 types of A products should obtain T-MARK certification, and 333 types of B products should obtain S-MARK certification.
                  According to the DENTORL method, 333 types of B products are divided into 7 parts:
                  ? Simple wiring bushings and junction boxes
                  ? Simple single-phase motor between 100V-300V
                  ? Household electric heating products
                  ? Household electric or video game products
                  ? Civil or household products that use light sources
                  ? Household and commercial electronic products
                  ? Other electrical products between 100V-300V
                  From April 1, 2001, the "Electrical Product Control Law (DENTORL)" was officially renamed the "Electrical Product Safety Law (DENAN)".
                  Different from the control of the agreement provisions of the previous legal system, the new system will be guaranteed by unofficial institutions to ensure product safety.
                  The original T mark and other marks are no longer used, and penalties for importers have been strengthened.
                  Class A: Designated electrical equipment and material products

                  Class B: Other electrical equipment and material products