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                  EK-Mark K-Mark Korea

                  日期:2023-04-08 15:09:40
                  Introduction to Certification
                  South Korea’s safety requirements for electrical products (50-1000Vac) are EK certification. Intertek has accredited laboratories of KETI, a Korean certification unit, and can apply for EK directly at Intertek. We can simplify the certification process for you and greatly shorten the operation time, which will greatly help you to expand the Korean market.
                  In addition to EK certification, South Korea's other certification system, MIC, is aimed at the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of information products and regulates the certification of wireless transmission and communication products. MIC is managed and issued by the Korean government agency RRL. According to the regulations of the Korean government, only RRL accredited laboratories can carry out MIC testing.
                  Certification mark

                  EK: The name of the issuing unit and the certificate number must be marked below the certification mark
                  MIC: The certificate number needs to be marked under the certification mark
                  Technical Information
                  Voltage: AC110V or 220V, frequency: 60Hz
                  The plug must meet the Korean KSC83054 standard
                  Factory inspection
                  EK: Factory inspection is required, arranged by the certification unit, once a year.
                  MIC: No factory inspection is required.
                  Certificate validity period
                  EK: As long as the factory inspection is continued every year, the certificate will remain valid, and the product will be re-inspected every 3 years
                  MIC: no expiration date
                  Certification notice
                  1. The production factory is an EK certificate holder, and one certificate corresponds to a factory. Different factories are regarded as different applications.
                  2. If the product is attached with a power cord or power supply, the EK certificate or certificate number of the accessory must be provided.
                  3. EK accepts series models to apply for certification, but the series judgment principles are more special.
                  4. Starting from June 2004, EK certificates are subject to product sampling tests. This new regulation requires that products that have been certified are subject to random testing every 3 years.
                  5. From July 1, 2005, parts and components that require EK compulsory certification must provide EK or CB certificates or have test reports that comply with IEC standards.