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                  編輯: 日期:2022-09-01 09:58:18



                  Declaration of Impartiality


                  深圳市冠準科技有限公司是具有獨立法人地位的專業檢測機構。為保證本公司檢測工作質量和服務水平,為社會提供優質高效的檢測服務,特作以下聲明: Shenzhen Accurate Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person status of professional testing institutions. In order to ensure the quality of our testing work and service level, and to provide high quality and efficient testing services to the society, we hereby make the following declarations:

                  1. 公司管理層承諾不對檢測工作進行不恰當干預,確保檢測工作的公正性和獨立性; The management of the company promises not to interfere improperly with the testing work to ensure the impartiality and independence of the testing work;

                  2. 檢測人員必須秉公檢測,以數據說話,不受任何行政的經濟的和其他方面的壓力影響,堅決抵制妨礙檢測工作公正性的行為; Testing personnel must be impartial testing, based on data, not affected by any administrative, economic and other pressure, and resolutely resist any behavior that hinders the fairness of testing work;

                  3. 本公司對所有委托方均持科學、公正的態度,獨立開展檢測工作; The company holds a scientific and fair attitude to all the entrusting parties, and independently carries out testing work

                  4. 本公司保證對委托方技術資料、圖紙和數據嚴格保密,切實保護客戶機密信息和所有權; The Company guarantees to keep the client's technical information, drawings and data strictly confidential and protect the client's confidential information and ownership

                  5. 檢測人員不得從事或參與有礙檢測公正性的任何兼職和技術咨詢活動; Testing personnel shall not engage in or participate in any part-time job or technical consulting activities that may hinder the fairness of testing;

                  6. 檢測人員必須具備良好的職業道德和職業行為,不準接受與職務工作有關的禮品、請吃或饋贈,并不得進行一切有礙檢測公正性的交往活動; Testing personnel must have good professional ethics and professional behavior, not to accept job-related gifts, treats or gifts, and not to carry out any communication activities that may hinder the fairness of testing

                  7. 公司誠懇接受來自社會各方面的監督和投訴。 The company sincerely accepts the supervision and complaints from all aspects of the society

                  8. 投訴電話Complaints(0755)-26503290